Our Brewery

We are a small family owned production brewery in Cantrall IL, just outside of Springfield, IL. We make our beer using the best ingredients we can source, including many we have grown ourselves. We are passionate about bringing you the best beer, crafting each batch with care and making sure it stays optimally stored until it gets to you.

We do not filter or pasteurize our beer. We allow sediments naturally fall out of the beer. Some sedimentation remains, but it adds to the character and flavor of the beer

We work hard to develop our flavors so we just couldn’t bear to destroy any with heat pasteurization- a process some brewers use for flavor stability despite storage fluctuation (i.e. from warm warehouse to refrigerator shelf). To ensure the best taste experience, our beer is kept cold from the moment it’s put in the bright tank until it gets to you. Please keep it cold until ready to enjoy. If you have ever had a beer that tastes metallic, you have had a beer suffering the sins of too many storage conditions.

Our Brew Team

Dustin Regan

Chris Trudeau

Chief Operating Officer – Bryan Tippy

Farm to Bottle Brewing

Farm Fresh

Handcrafted Beer

Bottling & Distribution

Brewery Tours

Our brewery is not open to the public, however we do offer scheduled tours & events!

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